The present document establishes the terms of use of the website (https://forensictokenlab.com/) of ForensicTokenLab.com agency (hereinafter referred to as Forensic Agency) through the Internet. By using this website, you accept the following terms. The terms and conditions of this disclaimer may be amended at any time. The amendments are effective immediately after being published on the Forensic agency's website.*


Independent analysis - a process of drawing up an objective view of the ICO project including an assessment of investment risks, an ICO project assessment, a comprehensive study of future activities of an ICO project, a comprehensive financial audit. It is usually carried out before starting of a business purchase, mergers and acquisitions, signing of a contract or cooperation with a company. The analysis of a project should be carried out by certified (professional) auditors, assessors and lawyers.

Offer - a proposal on making a contract which sets out the essential terms of a contract and is addressed to a particular person or to limited audience or to the public.

Non-Disclosure Agreement - a legal agreement concluded by two parties with a view to mutual exchange of materials, knowledge or other information which is with limited access to third parties.

Initial coin offering (ICO) - a way of attracting investments by selling to investors a fixed amount of new crypto-currencies units produced by one-off or accelerated emission. This definition also includes Pre-Initial coin offering (ICO) definition.

The beneficiary of the ICO project -  a natural or a legal person that initiates ICO project tokens sale and makes profit of this type of activity.

1. Intellectual property

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights that apply to this website and its content such as all texts, images, graphics and code on the website are owned by Forensic Agency, its incorporators and beneficiaries. Unless otherwise specified you may browse, copy, and print the content for your own use only provided that all copies and printouts of the content contain copyright and other proprietary rights mark. Forensic agency reserves the right to change the content at any time.

In case of an absence of copyright and other property rights marks the copying of the content (partially or entirely) of the website in any form is not permitted, including framing, copying and pasting (insertion) on the other websites or with the other information, using for the purpose of creating derivative works. Third-party websites shall not have the right to refer to the content of this website without prior written permission of the company. The content of the website shall not be used by any other persons without the prior written permission of Forensic Agency except as otherwise stated on the offer.

2. Disclaimer statement

An access to the website as well as the use of its content is carried out exclusively at your discretion and at your own risk.

Users by themselves take account of any change of an information about ICO project and rights statement documents (Disclaimer, Offer amendments and other documents of Forensic Agency). By using this website you accept these terms and conditions.

During the assessment of ICO projects public information is used, as well as information provided by ICO project, including in accordance with Non-Disclosure Agreement between Forensic Agency and ICO project.

Forensic agency is not responsible for the accuracy of the information used in the project.

The information is provided «as-is» and there is no guarantee concerning its timeliness, relevancy, accuracy, completeness and reliability. Forensic agency takes measures to provide users with the most up-to-date information on ICO projects, but is not obliged to verify the authenticity, reliability and relevancy of information provided.

The project rating is based on the current information on the project. In case of a change of the rating methodology ICO project beneficiaries shall provide additional update information on the ICO project that is provided within the time period specified in the Offer between Forensic Agency and the ICO project. In this case Forensic Agency is not responsible for the reliability of the information provided on the project.

The beneficiaries and ICO project members are solely liable for the information provided.

All forensic ratings published on the website are for educational purposes only. Forensic agency does not provide any forecast for the development of the project, recommendations or any other consultation concerning the project. Thus neither Forensic Agency nor the experts can be responsible for the decisions of the users.

The Information on the project can be deleted from the website if there is a letterhead relevant application (request) from persons entitled to act on behalf of ICO project has been sent to Forensic Agency.  In this case the request will be available in public and published on the website.

Forensic agency strongly recommends its visitors to perform an independent analysis or consult professional services for making investment decisions.

The ICO assessments published on the Forensic agency's website are only a personal opinion of the experts. The assessment is based on professional experience of the experts and on the basis of public information (official documents, road maps, interviews, reports) and potentially on interviews with ICO project management team as well as on information obtained in accordance with the Non-disclosure agreement.

Despite this Forensic Agency shall have the right to make any kind of mistakes and misunderstandings.

3. Damage liability

Forensic Agency website information is for educational purposes only. This information is not a call for action and should not (can not) be used as the only one source for assessing legal and financial risks.

Forensic agency, its incorporators and beneficiaries are not responsible for your actions performed by result of acquaintance with the information about ICO project.

Under no circumstances shall Forensic Agency, its incorporators and beneficiaries be liable for direct, incidental, consequential or any other loss or damage that may be caused due to loss of data or profits while using of this website and information on this website.

The website and information provided on it shall not make an offer for an investment or brokerage services in any jurisdiction.

Forensic agency takes reasonable measures to prevent its website from using in criminal offences of any kind, but Forensic Agency is also not responsible for reliability, and relevancy of information provided.

4. Forward-looking statements

The website may contain forward-looking statements that describe possible or prospective future results of project activities. The words like "consider," "believe," "assume," "intend," "plan," "evaluate," "try," "will," or "may be are often used in forward-looking statements. You should not rely too much on such statements. Statements as well as other content are provided for educational purposes only and may be out of date. Moreover, nothing on this website constitutes a call for invest or perform other activities.

5. Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the visitor's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. Forensic agency uses cookies to identify and track visitors, their use of Forensic Agency website and their access preferences to the website. Visitors to the website that do not want to use cookies stored on their computers  shall refuse using cookies in their browser before using Forensic Agency website. In this case, some functions of Forensic Agency website may not work properly.

*The definition "Forensic Agency" is used only to facilitate the perception of information posted on the website.