Experimental verification of ICO projects #3
Experimental verification of ICO projects #3
Date of audit procedures: 18.12.18

Further analysis summing up the progress of the projects that collected money from investors in the course of ICO’s companies.

We have carried out a plan-fact analysis of plan implementation for some ICO projects or projects, that had issued their tokens. We selected the projects that were in higher demand from the visitors of ForensicTokenLab.com site based on the Google search engine.


Project name/link

Key data product release and maintenance

Link to proof @ whitepaper

Implementation of the declared step

Accomplishment of the product creation plan
(auditor's opinion)



January 2018

Development and installation of a natcoin ATM machine, the second phase will be installed in 89 location points and the addition of 1000 merchant partners operation

Page: 7

Searching for information @ social media and other open sources:

• The domain name "www.natcoin.io" is not responding.
• https://twitter.com/wearenatcoin last activities on 27th of December 2017
• https://github.com/natcoiner/natcoin last activities 1 year ago
• https://medium.com/@natcoincryptocurrency last activities on 21st of August 2017
• https://www.facebook.com/Natcoin-Cryptocurrency-1384164444972133/ last activities 17 October 2017
• https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2066821.0;all last activities 31 October 2017

We haven’t found any data. Thus, data on the existence and location of ATMs was not found. We recommend starting an investigation in order to identify the target use of funds or search for ATMs.

We strongly recommend starting an investigation.



not set

not identified

Searching for activities @ social media and other open source pieces of information about project progress:

• No changes on the official site "https://bolenum.com" since fundraising (August 2017)
• https://twitter.com/BolenumPlatform there is activity, but is not related to the project. There are post "Bitcoin price" and about other cryptocurrency assets like ETH.
• https://github.com/Bolenum/Boleno main file "boleno.sol" was edited 2 years ago

There is no information about the actual project activities. There is a possibility of misuse of funds.

Despite the presence of Twitter activity, we strongly recommend starting an investigation.


Summarizing the analysis:

  • for 2 projects, we recommend starting the investigation procedure.

Report date: 17.12.2018 – 18.12.2018

Offer for ICO’s investors:

If you suspect fraud, it is better to bring it to the attention of the law enforcement authorities. With ICO frauds, every day counts because fraudsters can sweep up the evidence.

Feel free to contact us:

We will help you to find the data about fraud (rate $ 30 per hour). In the future, you can submit this report and the case to any competent lawyer. An example of a research report is available via email request bubnov@forensictokenlab.com

Consult us free of charge about collecting debts from an ICO project bubnov@forensictokenlab.com or via telegram @ICO_Forensic_NOW
We also collect facts about the withdrawal of crypto active assets from the project. If you have any information available about a cryptocurrency, please, send it to us for analysis.


Information about an ICO project and other persons mentioned in the above reports can be deleted:

  • By court decision;
  • According to an audit report from the project about the intended use of funds.


The entire analysis serves educational purposes only and should not be used to commit investment decisions. The listed conclusions are given as opinions of the founders and beneficiaries www.ForensicTokenLab.com

Read the disclaimer section of the site www.ForensicTokenLab.com


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