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For investors
  • The conclusion and the assigned rating will allow to understand the project, thus there is no need to know special terms or to have a profile financial education. The project questionnaire and schemes are intended to cover all aspects of the project;
  • There is no need to go on discounts of 20-40%, buying "junk" tokens. Instead, you can focus on the concept of "fair value";
  • There is no need to collect information "bit by bit" and to communicate with the PR-service for each emerging issue - all of the answers are collected in the "full report";
  • Projects that use the services of the "escrow-agent" will not be able to buy to their bosses Lamborghini with the collected money, because each transaction must be properly incurred.
For projects
  • You will better understand the project, because probably you will answer questions that were not previously thought about. The questionnaire will expand and it will be necessary to give new answers all the time to support the rating of the project;
  • Obtain investor's confidence as a result of an open and understandable analysis of the project and, as a ☺ result, collect the necessary investments ☺;
  • Investors will stop covering you with the same type of questions, since all of the answers to the questions they are interested in will be collected in the questionnaire;
  • The project will generate "fair capitalization" at each point in time. Thus, already traded tokens will not be volatiled;
  • The need for "escrow-agent" for project, controlling costs and making only "Targeted" transactions.
Service 01
Forensic audit for project Rating for project

Get a professional forensic audit report.
The transparent method and evaluation criteria allow you to fully understand the obtained risk values.
The audit will help to avoid claims from investors in the fact that the investment funds are not targeted. 
This audit can also be included in the case file.

Service 02
Reporting fraud in ICO Rating for project

If you assume that the ISO does not comply with the schedule of the project, 
or you have an assumption about the misuse of investment funds or any other fraud occurred on the part of the project in your opinion. 
Contact us, we are ready to help in protecting your rights ⛉

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